How it works


Select from either our PRE-SET MEAL PLANS that have been constructed by our Executive Head Chef and Dietician


Choose a CUSTOM MEAL PLAN where you can custom make your plan. Allows you to Choose your own meals and Sizes for each day of a selected plan option.


Choose how many days you want to Eat Fit for.

3 DAY PLAN – Lunch and Dinner for 3 days

6 DAY PLAN – Lunch and Dinner for 6 days


  • If you are wanting more then 3 days and less then 6 days, simply select the CUSTOM 3 DAY PLAN and choose Multiple quantities of a meal you like  in either of the days to be delivered with your 3 days worth.
  • If you are wanting more then 6 days of meals, simply select multiple quantities of a meal you like in either Days 4,5, 0r 6 to be delivered on the second delivery of your 6 DAY PLAN


LITE MEALS  recommended for females or men with with lower caloric needs. Lite Meals range from between 180 calories – 300 calories

LARGE MEALS  recommended for males or females with higher caloric needs. Large meals range from between 320 calories – 600 calories.



Choose home delivery or one of our free pickup locations


The Weekly Cut off time for orders is 8PM Sundays so all meals ordered before every Sunday 8pm will be delivered the following week.

For more information on delivery days/times and our North Shore delivery areas, please see our Delivery and Pickup Options section



Choose any Breakfast or Snacks items.

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