Blog: Beach Fitness

These days we are spending more and more time indoors, due to office jobs and being so busy rushing from one indoor appointment to the next. This can have a negative effect on our health.

We spoke to Sam Mower, co-owner of Manly Beach Health Club to find out why working out outdoors can be positive for your health.

What’s the best thing about working out on the beach?

Working out in the great outdoors offers a multitude of health benefits to our mind and body. Here are just a few: 

  1. Boosts your mood: Research shows that spending time by the ocean can improve a bad mood and boost emotional health. We are so lucky in Sydney to have access to some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, so it’s certainly worth taking advantage of them.
  2. Sunshine: A growing body of research clearly shows the absolute necessity of vitamin D for good health and disease prevention, however many people are deficient in the ‘sunshine vitamin’ as they spend too long indoors. Of course its important to be sun smart, but getting some time in the open sunshine each week can be very valuable.
  3. Connect with nature: there is nothing better than feeling the sand between your toes during a workout, or watching the sunrise while you are training.
  4. Increased fitness: Running on sand can also offer an increased fitness outcomes compared to a treadmill or hard surface. An athlete running on soft sand will expend more energy and burn more calories.


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Sam is Director of Manly Beach Health Club.  Personal Trainer, Exercise Physiologist and Health Lecturer. 
Sam is a Health Consultant and Exercise Physiologist with 15 years fitness industry experience. After competing at an elite level in rowing and rugby and completing an Applied Science degree, Mower has helped shape many successful businesses with corporate wellness and health programs as well as managing the national boxing program for Fitness First Australia.             
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